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Produce an Event in Your City!


Create your own Global Music Project fundraiser in your area: Build a following, raise money for GMP, and maybe even earn some cash for yourself!

Global Music Project has grown a lot over the years and is looking for inspired leaders and volunteers to grow the organization. With your help, we can create more Global Music Project events in cities and countries around the world. We'll bring people together, utilize technology to record and broadcast the events, combine music, media, and other cultural elements, and create exposure for Global Music Project, you, and each of our sponsors.

If you'd like more information about how YOU can create an event in your area CONTACT US.

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Jan 26 2014 - 'Hollywood Meets Nashville' event to benefit Global Music Project

Nov 30 2013 - "Rocking For A Good Cause" (North Hollywood, CA)

2012/2013 - Over 30 entrepreneur-related fundraising events (Seattle, WA & Stockholm, Sweden)

July 28 2011 - Socializing for Social Change (Seattle, WA)

May 2011 - 3 events sponsored/produced by Thomson Reuters at the W Hotel (New York, NY)

Oct 10 2010 - 10/10/10 Environmental Awareness (Seattle, WA)

July 10 2010 - GMP fundraiser at Republiq (Seattle, WA)

June 26 2010 - "Seattle Prom" at Republiq (Seattle, WA)

April 30 2010 - "Music, Art, Fashion" at Spitfire (Seattle, WA)

Jan 28 2010 - "Music, Art, Culture" at Sole Repair (Seattle, WA)

July 9 2009 - "Networking With A Cause" (Seattle, WA)

Jan 27 2008 GigFest '08 (New York, NY)

Jan 2008 - Sundance Film/Music Festival (Park City, UT)

Dec 6-8 2006 MPACE Conference (Seattle, WA)

Sept 15-17 2006 - Culturefest at Appalachian South Folklife Center (Pipestem, West Virginia)

June 5-9 2006 - Dodge High Caliber Challenge (13 cities, 20 states in the eastern United States)

Aug 6 2005 - Magnetic/Kinetic event at Science Center (Seattle, WA)

June 10 2005 - Global Music Project "Official Launch Party" at Consolidated Works (Seattle, WA)

April 23 2005 - Culturefest at The Appalachian South Folklife Center (Pipestem, West Virginia)

Feb 2005 - Outdoor concert at SXSW


Khaled Dajani

more to come...

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