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We're growing and we need Managing Directors / Event Coordinators in every city and country in the world. Contact us and see how we might create "Global Music Project - Your City/Country". Help build a GMP presence in your area, build a team, have events, and make a difference. You can volunteer or earn a percentage of the revenues you generate in your area. Contact us.



Global Music Project is spreading around the world and we're looking for people in your area that can volunteer a little bit of their time and/or resources. You can help make a difference in the world.

1. Contact us using this form and let's explore how you can be involved.

2. Tell others about us!

3. Join our Facebook fan page here and follow us on Twitter here.

4. In addition to our website, Global Music Project is coordinating with 'representatives' for various countries around the world. If you are interested in being a representative for your country [see Join Our Team (above)].

5. Or become a leader in your area by building your own Global Music Project team in your area and see what a difference you can make. You can start by telling your friends and enlisting their help [also see Join Our Team (above)].

6. Help us find more volunteers! We can also always use additional help in the areas of Internet Marketing (blog about GMP!), Corporate Sponsorship/Donations, Grant Writing, Business Development, Press/Media Relations, Label/Artist Relations, Legal Advice, Web Development, and just general all around help in any way you might see fit would be greatly appreciated! Whatever your role, we're sure you'll find it very rewarding - knowing that you helped a global music organization grow and helped better the world through music! Join our growing Global Music Project team.


Microsoft Employees can Volunteer for GMP

Microsoft Employees As Volunteers

If you are a Microsoft employee, your volunteer work for Global Music Project can be of extra special benefit, as Microsoft rewards us monetarily for every hour you spend with us! You can utilize your existing skill set or spend your time volunteering doing something totally different!

Here are just a few ways you can help:

Just a little time each week will make a huge difference! Contact us today!

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