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Maestrina Elem Silva  (Bahia, Brazil)

Elem created a Band named Children of Rocinha (favela) in the Pelourinho when she was only 8 years old. She started playing with recycled cans, buckets and bottles and with the help of tourists, she later bought leather instruments for the band.

Throughout her 20s, she lead a drum band, helping kids stay off the streets and off drugs.

Global Music Project contributed funds for her band to get all new instruments – about 30 drums, in total. This story is told in the following film. 


The film…

Maestrina da Favela is a coming-of-age documentary, following the life of Afro-Brazilian, female percussionist Elem Silva between the ages of 13-22. Elem created a band, at 8 years old, named "Meninos da Rocinha do Pelo (Children of the Rocinha in the Pelo)" in her favela to liberate youth from a life of drugs, violence and poverty.

Global Music Project joined the project as an Associate Producer and contributed funds for her band to get new instruments.


Elem Says Thank You

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