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Musical Instrument Donation Program

Our Musical Instrument Donation Program helps adults and children in need.
Instruments go to orphanages, schools, and individuals in cities and countries around the world.

Our Musical Instrument Donations (so far)

Through Global Music Project's Musical Instrument Donation Program, we provide instruments to underprivileged adults and children around the world. As you can imagine, a musical instrument can change someone's life. We have donated musical instruments to orphanages, schools, and individuals in cities and countries around the world. 

We've created a new platform that enables us (and YOU!) to make more of a difference around the world. 

If you'd like to donate an instrument or know of those in need, register on our platform by going to ________________.





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A few who have received instruments through our program 

Justice Asante (Ghana, Africa)

Justice is a jazz trombonist but before he met us,
he had no trombone of his own. He used to have to borrow one from his school and had limited time when he could use it. So Global Music Project bought him a brand new one and sent it to him. Now he has joined a brass band and can play alongside his friends.

"Indeed you help people make a difference for real. I can't really express my sentiment for the wonderful gesture... thanks to the entire Global Music Project team."
- Justice Asante 


Danita’s Children  (Haiti)

Danita’s Children is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for vulnerable children and families. They believe that caring for a child is a lifetime investment so Global Music Project wanted to give them the gift of music. 

"The children have been tremendously blessed by this generous donation. This generous donation has enriched the lives of our children and has given them the opportunity to develop their musical gifts!” - Brenda Sapp at Danita’s Children 


Emmanuel Medad Olufemi Metzger  (Sierra Leone, West Africa) 

Emmanuel is a guitarist. He had no guitar of his own, other than basically a piece of wood with some wires across it, which he made so that he could practice fingering chords for the day he would finally get a guitar of his own. A guitar was then donated to Global Music Project by Nashville songwriter, Matt Rogers [pictured at far right], who co-wrote Randy Houser's #1 single, "We Went".
"I smiled to myself and said my dream is becoming a reality."
- Emmanuel Medad Olufemi Metzger


Nashville Notes Homeschool Band  (Nashville, TN)

Jason Chan of Mozart Violins facilitated our donation of a brand new violin to Nashville Notes Homeschool Band. The presentation took place at the Hollywood Meets Nashville Grammy Viewing Party and Benefit Gala. The Nashville Notes Homeschool Band was founded in 1995 to provide music instruction for students schooled at home in the Greater Nashville area. 

The Grammy Viewing Party was a fundraiser for two organizations, Save the Music America and the Global Music Project. Save The Music America is a social and educational organization that educates the public about the impact of illegal downloading, creating public support for preserving the rights of people within the creative industries and the history of American Music. Global Music Project uses music to help the socially conscious make a difference. Their current mission is to provide musical instruments to school children, locally and abroad. They partnered with Mozart Violins in Irvine, California, to furnish the violin that was presented to Nashville Notes. 

“We’re very thankful for this donation. We have 170 kids in the program, and very few instruments for those who can’t afford to purchase their own. This instrument will be put to good use.” - Sholeen Wuest (program director)

Pictured: Donna Caldwell and Sholeen Wuest  


Maestrina Elem Silva  (Bahia, Brazil)

Elem created a Band named Children of Rocinha (favela) in the Pelourinho when she was only 8 years old. She started playing with recycled cans, buckets and bottles and with the help of tourists, she later bought leather instruments for the band.

Throughout her 20s, she lead a drum band, helping kids stay off the streets and off drugs.

Global Music Project contributed funds for her band to get all new instruments – about 30 drums, in total. This story is told in the following film. 


The film…

Maestrina da Favela is a coming-of-age documentary, following the life of Afro-Brazilian, female percussionist Elem Silva between the ages of 13-22. Elem created a band, at 8 years old, named "Meninos da Rocinha do Pelo (Children of the Rocinha in the Pelo)" in her favela to liberate youth from a life of drugs, violence and poverty.

Global Music Project joined the project as an Associate Producer and contributed funds for her band to get new instruments.


Elem Says Thank You

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