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Music Preservation, Concerts For A Cause, Free Music Education and more.

Music Preservation & Social Change

Art is not a vaccine. It does not cure disease, feed the hungry, or clean toxic water supplies. And yet, it is vital to human existence, often unnoticed, like breath. Global Music Project operates on the premise that art expresses a culture’s identity, informed by the past and envisioning new futures. Art speaks to the populace and influences popular belief; it unites polarized sectors.

Music is the auditory pulse of a society. Beyond entertainment, it is the soundtrack for the current culture, a mouthpiece for change, and a bridge across differences. We, as a society, have begun to recognize that we belong to a global community, and that what happens to the price of rice in China really does affect the Midwestern farmer. An instantaneous equalizer, music offers shared celebration, mourning, and peace.

When a piece of music that would have been lost is preserved, such as the North American folk music recordings on the Smithsonian Institute’s Folkways label, the voice of that culture informs our current one. We are wiser for the contribution, grounded in our heritage. When the folk songs are heard by other cultures, the humanity expressed in this music resonates in their experience.

Global Music Project intends to continue to promote cross-cultural appreciation and understanding through the preservation of music. We will identify musical expressions throughout the world that are in danger of extinction and record them. Special attention will go into the marketing and packaging of this music, including exceptional sound quality, informative text, and breathtaking imagery. As we introduce the never-heard-before music of these cultures, we will affect not only how people see these cultures, but how they see themselves; as people identify with the human element of the music, an increased sense of global responsibility is inevitable. 

Concerts For A Cause 

Global Music Project seeks music promoters and artists who wish to make a difference and create life-changing concert events. If you're one of them, please feel free to contact us.   

Free Music Education

We've been providing artists who are in need of instruments with the tools to make their music and we beleive it's soon time to also provide the education to those who have not yet nurtured their musical gifts. We're interested in working with music teachers who wish to donate some time to people in need. Contact us.  

And More... Stay Tuned!


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